Apply to live at Radish


  1. Check out room openings below
  2. Fill out the short application form below (10 mins)
  3. We will reach out to you with dates for our next open house
  4. Come over and meet everyone and get a tour!

We generally are open to both short-term (1-3 months) and longer term stays.

Fill out the form either here or below:

What’s available and cost?

  • Private 1br Apartments with full kitchen and bath ($$)
  • Rooms in a shared house with shared bathroom ($)

Short term (1-3 month) and long-term possible.

Rooms are $1300-1800. Apartment units (1br with living room, renovated kitchen, private bathroom) are $2500-$2900.

Example apartment kitchen
Example apartment kitchen
Example room in main house
Example room in main house

Communal expenses on top of rent: Approximately $650 per month: We know that sounds like a big number, but it’s actually a great deal once you break it down (trust us!):

  • Communal amenities= $100-- we have a 6 person barrel sauna, a hot tub, an entire remodeled RV your guests can stay in basically for free, an outdoor gasoline-powered firepit (great for pandemics if you’ve ever had one of those), tons of communal supplies like a printer and batteries and that kind of stuff, communal gatherings
  • Utility/wifi = ~$75-- This is comparable or less than other Oakland housing options. Many of us rely on the internet for our work, and we have it as fast as we can get short of building our own submarine cable.
  • All Food (includes toilet paper and other basics) = $14 / a day or $408 a monthFood is epic. Includes 2 nights a week with a professional chef and meals everyday. We find we save a TON of money this way. Everyone can (and most do) eat all meals here. And, we eat well - avocados and strauss milk. You can request your food desires and they show up the next day - magic.